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HELP!!!!!!! need to reload torrent??


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my pc kinda crapped itself, and when i restarted...the torrent started downloading from scratch again....7.8 gigs worth =S

so i deleted it and now when i try and reload it it doesnt recognize it has laready downloaded 90% of it...=/

plzzzz help, i need that game to finish tonight!

when it started downloading from scratch again, i removed the torrent and tried to reload it...thinking it would automatically pick up from where it left off...i cannot get it to work, have been googling for the last hour...

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i cant find any files with an ending .!ut, i cant even find any torrent related files in the driectory where the 7.5 gigs of rar files are located.

What are my options now =S ????

is there an alternative manual method to reload the fileS?

im so frustrated...

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