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possible trojan or mal/spyware?


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so i have used utorrent for about a year and half.. no problems.. I got the hang of it.. can dl stuff. All is good.

Here recently, when i open utorrent, i get a msg telling me a new version is available.

1.7.7. Ive been using 1.7.2 if i remember right.

So i decided to click on ok and install this new 1.7.7

it must of installed and started up.. cuz now i have to redo my firewall settings to allow connections for each and every peer, (through one main Allow mind you)

but there is a problem..

Some Information to note before i carry on

My utorrent is not in Program Files, i keep it in a personal folder

and i have a shortcut to it on the desktop.

In my Firewall warnings(I use Comodo Firewall Pro) i get this...

Application: C:\yada\yada\yada\utorrent

Parent: C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Local Settings\Temp\utt2E.tmp.exe

I didnt get this warning before..so i think what is this?

i google the filename, utt2E.tmp.exe, and come up with this....


the only thing google can find on the subject matter.

Also, now the utorrent shortcut on the desktop points to uTorrent in Program Files.

I ran System Safety Monitor and it went nuts with keyboard hook warnings and other weird warnings.. Now as long as i have System Safety Monitor running, i get warnings for every program i run. Something happened with this update.. that wasnt happening before...

here is a screenshot of Comodo Firewall and one of the warnings...

the screenshot of Comodo's warning

here is a screenshot of one of the System Safety Monitor warnings

the screenshot of a SSM warning

i had some other weird warnings also...

Comodo Firewall and System Safety Monitor are both safe programs. I use a site called Castlecops to get spyware/malware/trojan information and prevention help usually.

this wasnt the Check for Updates button on top under Help in utorrent, this was a little dialog box that comes up every time i start utorrent and asks me about new version 1.7.7 and asks me if i want to dl and install it. It also has a checkbox asking me if i want to continue to receive this msg.. I should of gotten a screenshot of that i guess.

I'm not saying its utorrents fault.. it might of been a rogue program that took over utorrents update dialog for its own purposes.. i dont realy know for sure.

but after the install this kicked in as a parent file for utorrent: utt2E.tmp.exe

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