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peers are attempting to intrude


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hey guys,

i have a peer on one of my torrents who keeps pinging my computer and i think he's looking for an open port, because zone alarm keeps blocking his attempts and the only difference from one attempt to the next is the port # that he trys to connect on.

my question is: can i remove a particular peer from torrents peer list with out deleting the torrent.

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perhaps at times it may be, but this one ip keeps pinging me on different ports, i feel like some one is fishing for open ports.

when i ping him back it either cant reach the destination or he comes back on a slightly different ip, as if he went to a different machine on the same network.

is there any legitimate reason for this phenomanon? i cant think of one

also on aside note: i have never had zone alarm block an unsolicated reqeust on this machine until today, and its really coincedental that the source ip in the blocked requests was the same as an ip on my utorrent peers list

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