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inactive torrents (DHT inactive)


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Hey Ben, help me if you can. My computer crashed,bad hard drive. Replaced hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Pro with service pac 2. Computer now working fine. Downloaded Utorrent And installed. The Utorrent speed guide told me I did not have an open port. The site Portfoward.com instructed me to set-up a static IP in windows network connections. After making changes, I was able to surf. The instructions then desribed setting-up my linksys wrt5g router for The Utorrent program. Saved settings,then checked for browsing and I could connect to the internet. Rechecked Utorrent program speed test and now had a correctly fowarded port. Still, I cannot download any torrent file. I make an entry into the search box press go, select torrent site from the dropdown list, afterwhich nothing happens.Utorrent worked before the crash,then running service pack 1. But not now. Turned off linksys Firewall and set-up windows firewall to make an exception for Utorrent, Still not any download. is it the security updates for service pack 2?

Someone said my ISP could be blocking the site. Another said I have to set-up my hard drive for sharing. This one I did not belive. Ant suggestions? Thanks

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