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Changing from Modem to Router caused my speed issues..HELP!!!!


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Hi guys

I am not new to this torrent thing, but need some urgent help.

I have just changed from using a Dlink modem to an Conextant '' ADSL router, I have attempted to add a port to my router to allow utorrent to work but.....I have carried out all instructions given on the Speed guide website and port forwarding site, and still have the dredded RED SPOT.

I noticed when I am checking if the port is open in Utorrent it displays an old IP address for some reason when I changed my Modem to Router my IP address has changed. I have searched all forums I know about this and cant find anything about it.

I am using Windows XP, with Mcafee firewall (Utorrent is fully permitted on this). I never had these issues when using the modem but it is since the switch to ADSL router.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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