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UTorrent ... Not enough free disc space....?


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Ok I just wanted to ask if anyone has a remedy / fix for this problem.

Ive reinstalled windows and re-installed uTorrent and now I want to get all my half finished downloads back onto uTorrent.

My problem is this,

when I open up the torrent file uTorrent asks to save the file and i choose the folder I had previously saved it in.

What I expect is it to save it and uTorrent will start checking it and then when its reached 100% it starts to resume the download.

But I am getting a Not Enough Disc Space message.

Could this be because even though Ive downloaded 25% of this file already, uTorrent still needs enough space on the hard drive for the entire size of the file?

The file is 40GB Ive downloaded 10GB there is 35GB left on the drive. Do I still need to have 40GB of space for it to start checking and to resume?

Is there anyway around this or will I have to move some files to another drive?


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I found out the problem,

In order to continue you still have to have the original file size free on the hard drive.

I didnt so it couldnt continue.

I had to remove some files to free up enough space and then it was ok.

Learned something new anyway,

thanks for your reply.

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OUCH. What version is that in (Alt-H-A to find out)? In 1.8 I know you can just say OK to that dialog since you already have most of the data... and if you selective download you don't really need all that space.

You can check out 1.8 if you wish from the Announcements forum. To keep it from messing with current settings you can run it self-encapsulated.

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If you force quit the last time then yes. You need to let uT close gracefully... this is 10 seconds by default, which can be too little with alot of running torrents. In this case Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> bt.graceful_shutdown = TRUE will make uT wait for ALL this activity to complete before closing. This avoids checking when restarting but may take a minute or two to close out all pending network and disk IO.

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