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Please help me to seed more successfully


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I'm new to this and have read as much as I can about seeding and I must be doing something wrong!

What I would like to be able to do is this: -

1) Download a number of torrents from a series (i.e. 1-5 out of 10) - call it torrentA

2) Then when this is complete, I want to download the next series (5-10) - call it torrentB

The problem I have is that torrentB has the same internal name as torrentA and it will not load into uTorret whilst torrentA is seeding.

So what I have tried - after seeding 150% of torrentA- is to delete torrentA, start torrentB then try and SEED ONLY my version of torrentA.

It all goes into utorrent - but it doesn't seem to seed / upload?

Is there a better way of doing this to help others download?

Many thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

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The Display name should NOT affect loading... if it is duplicate, it will pop up "do you wish to add the trackers".

I am... curious if you could Alt-H-A and say what version you are running? Also if you could upload an example picture of the uT add dialog(s) for both torrents, I'm not seeing an obvious problem. :/

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I'm running version 1.7.7 (build 8179) and yes I do get the message "do you wish to add the trackers".

However it doesn't seem to add any new files I have selected.

If only I knew how to paste pictures into this post I would show the trail!! If you tell me how to put screen prints in – I'll be better equipped for future posts ;-)

I will however describe my work-around in the hope that it helps clarify my initial problem.


I am trying to download a torrent which has 10 files, and have chosen to only select the first 5 of the 10 to download.


When the first 5 have completed downloading, I have done the following: -

Stop the Torrent from seeding.

Selected the "Files" tab in the detail screen at the bottom.

Using the "Pieces" Column, I can see that files 1-5 have a priority of "Normal" and files 6-10 have a priority of "Skip".

I select file 6 and set its priority to "Normal".

Do a Force Re-Check and Start.

This seems to allow the previously downloaded files 1-5 to be recognised and continue seeding whilst continuing / starting to download the newly selected file 6.

If there is a much better way to do this, please let me know. This is painless enough, just wondered if there was a better way?


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If you really think picture is necessary feel free I use http://imageshack.us and you choose the bbcode option: It looks like [noparse]IMG_THUMBNAIL.png[/noparse] though I think either "code for Forum (1)/(2)" will work.

As far as your workaround... heh I must have misunderstood before. If it's already all in the same torrent, then the ONLY way to do your compartmental downloads (for space concerns for example) is to set the files you don't want to SKIP originally. Additionally you don't need to stop or recheck afterwards, unless you remove the first 5 files. You can just change it off SKIP to normal or low or high and uT will start requesting those pieces from other peers :D

Good news in 1.8 you can re-path individual torrents in multi-file torrents, such that you can save to multiple volumes...if you want to check that out it's in the Announcements forum and you can run it separately by running it self-encapsulated with /RECOVER appended to the command line to keep both sets of settings.

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