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DHT waiting to login or 0 node login,downloading 0% all the time


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no error, except DHT is eithing "waiting to login" or (0 node login), the sign beside is green, DHT status is: "waiting for announce..." tracker status: "working"

download speed: 0.0

upload speed: 0.0

nothing is downloading. please help!

(i downloaded the most recent version of uTorrent (1.7.7), and is the first time user, first time download uTorrent, I have checked all the faq and posts, but no one clearly said how to correct this step by step, i saw scrutz did something but it's for his upgraded

utorrent, for me, I installed uTorrent for the first time. by the way, I am using window vista)

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Hey, I'm sorry to say that I have the same problem although I can still download. I wrote in this forum earlier and a few people gave me some ideas. None of them worked for me but maybe you'll have better luck. It's under "sorry but yet another DHT waiting to login problem.

Good luck.

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