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Upload problem!!!


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Ok, i have a strange probleme, if I set the upload to 50 i can uplaod only to ~17 :S


Look top right (and perr) ~= 18.9ko/s

look MY bandwidth monitor = 50ko/s

look at bottom = 50ko/s....

What's the is strange problem???

And i have the same probleme with many peer, if I set tu upload slot to 10 there are ONLY 5 upload slot open with 5ko/s !!!!

Edit: No probleme with uTorrent 1.6.1 and Azureus..

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Even at 500 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth total, it's not surprising to only get 50 KiloBYTES/second usable upload speed in uTorrent.

...Especially if you have DHT enabled, UPnP enabled, Local Peer Discovery enabled, Resolve IPs enabled, 10 or more half open connections enabled...

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