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Strange queueing problem / internet interrupted


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Well i have this strange problem. I have in queueing options set the max downloads + upload to 5 and max downloads to 5 and when i start uTorrent it's ok, torrents are queued for seeding etc (i have 15 finished torrents for seeding so 10 are queued).

But after a while uTorrent just ignore my settings and start seeding everything available for seeding and download and just skip the queueing part. So suddenly i have 15 seeding torrents (+ possible downloading ones) and my webbrowser just throws in the towel and sais "connecting" until i finally exit uTorrent and wait a while. I have tried to stop 10 of my torrents so when this happens only 5 torrents are seeding, but still IE start saying "connecting".

I have no idée on whats going on and i don't force start the torrents. There is not router installed and everything has been working for a while, this suddenly just happened. I could reinstall uTorrent but then i loose all my possiblities of getting my ratio > 1 at some torrents because the information gets lost.

Sooo, what should i do? :)

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