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Slow surfing


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Awesome forum!

Thank you Moderator and Responders. :-)

I've been using and enjoying uTorrent immensely except for the same problem stated by the original poster.

Can't wait to test out the suggestions stated in the provided thread and guide.

Thank you for your brainz and willingness to share them.

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i kind of have the same problem. Whenever i dl any torrents my network slows to a crawl. The torrent downloads fine, but everything else is agonizingly slow. I am in XP, i have my upload speed limited to 20, my port is forwarded fine. My router is a wrt45g, but i installed dd-wrt v23 and configured the QoS to allow http, ftp, and https to have priority over torrent. My Connections Per Torrent (or whatever its officially called) it is set at 20, and the global connection is 200, although i never have more than 1 or 2 torrents going at once.

My network stays really slow even after i close uTorrent and only after 10-15 minutes does it start to get its speed back. I have the tcp/ip patch applied to my computer and everyone else's.

Any insight?

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