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Cant open port


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Hello All...Im new to all this, please help. Set up Utorrent, and got it working, but download says 3 days. Yellow triangle is there and upon port check, it says port 62611 at does not appear to be open. However, my IP is, not the reported one. I have tried numerous times to get this port open and pass the test, but no go. I have windows firewall opened port 62611 both TCP and UCP, and windows firewall is not blocking utorrent. Any help GREATLY APPRECIATED!

If you can take the time, email me directly jackmlnson@gmail.com Thank You.

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Thank you for Your Reply. I appreciate you taking the time to help out. I am new to all this.

First test link reults were-

Port/62611 Status/Stealth Unknown protocol for this port

Second Test link results were

Could not see my service Reason connection refused

Does this help identify whats happening? Please help, I spent probably 10 hours trying to remedy this.

Thank You For Your Time, Jack

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