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options|preferences|network options|bandwidth limiting|global maximum


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Morning - well it is here.

Options|preferences|network options|bandwidth limiting|global maximum upload rate.

If I set this at '0' [unlimited], after a short while my connection drops off and I have to reboot the modem to get on the net again. The maximum I seem to be able to rum at is 20. I have a 2272kbps/288kbps connection. I have tried 2 modems and both produce the same results. Why can I can I not get the connection to run flat-out?



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ISP interference. I've seen it happen to other people before. Not much you can do about it apart from getting a new ISP...

ISP throttling is likely, but...

It may also be that your connection cannot actually sustain using 288 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth, and 20 KB/sec uploading in µTorrent is effectively all it can manage. That may be because you're far from the ISP's exchange (on DSL) and not getting the offical max rated speeds or an improperly shielded regular phone line on the same circuit.

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