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Status bar shows down & uploads even tho no 1 connected to torrents


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First, the required, but (mostly) irrelevant stuff:

- Yes, I have 'network ok'

- DSL 256kBit down, 128 up. (Teh Sux0r max0r, I know).

- WinXP

- No firewall on the machine, but traffic nat'd to internet.

- Isp reasonabally nice :)

Now the actual problem.

I'm seeding quite a few torrents on a private tracker (30?), at the moment nobody is connected to me. BUT in the status bar, and on the graph on the "speed" tab, utorrent is showing uploads, and downloads. It varies, but generally seems to be about 4kB/s up, 2kB/s down.

In the down speed, and up speed columns in the main part of the window, no up or down to be seen. I've only noticed this recently, but it may have always been there - just there's always been someone connected before, masking the oddity.

Anyone have any ideas what traffic this is - seems a lot to be just status traffic.

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Stopped scrapes is broke in 1.3, hofshi.

DHT is always in use regardless of the torrent, it's a separate decentralized network. TYPICALLY the bandwidth use is much much lower (.1-.2 kb/s both ways), but if you're connected for a very long time it can increase to much higher amounts as you become used by other DHT users as a reliable node for DHT data. ;)

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