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1.7.7 Won't Allow me to Change Port


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Hi! :)

One of the sites I use has banned 1.6.1, so I've had to "upgrade" to 1.7.7.

I now am unable to change the port uTorrent uses. In "Preferences" my chosen port is shown, 49197. However, if I go to Options > Speed Guide, the port shown there as "Current Port" is 49199. I am unable to change it there, as it is greyed out.

I am using Vista Ultimate as my OS. I've tried running Utorrent as administrator, which makes no difference.

I had this same thing happen before with a previous upgrade from 1.6.1 when a few trackers I used banned that version before, back in Jan, I think. I was very happy when they unbanned it and I was able to go back to 1.6.1.

I think I may have to quit using any sites that have banned 1.6.1 unless I can resolve this. uTorrent should not be inhibiting my ability to choose what port I wish to use.

Any help you can offer is much appreciated.

Thank you and best regards, Babe

EDIT: I forgot to add...even though I changed my router settings to forward port 49199 to conform to the only port uTorrent 1.7.7 seems willing to let me use, uTorrent Speed Guide still reports me as Red ported.

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Hi and thank you so much for the reply! :)

After I read your post, I disabled uPnP and then was able to set my port to my choice. However, at that point all my torrents went red. Then, I closed and restarted uTorrent and enabled the uPnP again, which made my torrents go green again and still allows me to choose the port of my choice.

I don't know why the router would tell uTorrent that the port was already taken. The port is designated for uTorrent on this computer in my router settings.

In any case, it is working now even with uPnP enabled.

Best regards, Babe

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Hmmmm! That's odd. When I disabled UPnP it made my torrents go red and all activity stopped. Then, when I re-enabled UPnP port mapping, and restarted, they went green again.

I've been using uTorrent with my ports manually forwarded in my router settings and that "enable UPnP..." box ticked for well over 2 years and had no issues until I upgraded to this newer version of uTorrent from 1.6.1.

I've unchecked the UPnP again. We'll see what happens this time.

Thank you for your advise!

Best regards, Babe

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