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uTorrent as service - how to get to interface?


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So, I've set up uTorrent to run as a service using SrvAny on my file server. It seems to be working as I can get to the WebGUI from my workstation and I see my torrents in progress.

When I log into the file server using Remote Desktop I'd like to be able to get to the uTorrent interface so that I can change the configuration, etc. but I don't see any method to do so.

Is it possible to set uTorrent to show the TaskBar icon on my remote desktop so that I can access the Services uTorrent interface?

In the Service properties LogOn page I have tried "Local System Account" with the "Allow service to interact with desktop" checkmarked. I have also tried specifying my account info, but then I don't have the option to "Allow service to interact with desktop".

If it matters, this is a Windows 2003R2 Standard Server.


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