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Accidentally deleted .torrent, how to resume


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I accidentally removed and deleted the .torrent from uTorrent while the download status was at 81% completion.

I have redownloaded the same .torrent file and opened it in uTorrent. How do I make uTorrent resume the 81% completion download? Currently, it is restarting all the downloads at 0%.

The original download path was at D:\Stuffs and the new download path is at E:\Stuffs. I have tried copying all the *.lut files in D:\Stuffs into E:\Stuffs but to no avail.

Thank you.

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If it's still incomplete in the original place, you click the torrent, STOP it if it's running, right click, advanced, set download location. It will pop up a dialog. Path to the location, say OK, then you can START or right click, force recheck.

You can do this for EITHER folder you made for the torrent data.

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