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Connection closed by peer? Who's peer?


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I seem to get this error quite a lot. "Connection closed by peer" and when it occurs I no longer get credit for my uploading. It is really annoying since the site I subscribe too has a 2 to one ratio. For downloading you need to upload 2 gig for ever 1 you want. Personally I agree and think this is a fair way to do things and I don't mind it at all. But I am having a problem because of the error above. Anytime my torrents go red I stop getting credit and when they finally go back green the credits never jump up. The only way I have been able to get them to go green again is to continually hit the update tracker option till they finally reset. I wouldn't bother if the timer on it was a little quicker it only tries ever 45 min's to try to reacquire the tracker 5 or 10 when it loses the tracker would be a little more manageable to me.

So Here are my 3 questions

1 how do I get it to automatically retry to get the tracker back when it loses it faster then every 45 min's ?

2 is there a way to temporary automatically stop uploading when it goes red and restart again once it goes back to green?

And lastly my biggest hope

3 Is there a way to get it to not lose the tracker or get closed by peer in the first place?

Is there a way to make it is keep a death grip on that tracker and not let go so I can get my ratio back up to where it belongs.

Any help in this would be very appreciated. I really want to share my torrents, which is why I set the ration to close only after 500%. But with this problem happening I am no where near achieving this right now I cant even maintain 100% at least not a acknowledged 100%

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1 understandeable but a nice feature if it were posible

2 drat

3 how? a little more info on this one would be appreciated. will this help to keep my ratio setting working correctly?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly This is seriously impressive I thought it would take a while befor anyone got back to me.

Thanks much dreadwingknight

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thanks much dreadwing knight I ll get right on that. hopefully I can make some sense out of it. Last question. Does utorrent have a donation page or something with paypal I really like this program, and I have tried a lot of them, I especially like that thier forums page is actually maned by someone I have waited months and still not gotten answers on other forums. I would like to contribute in order to help with future update and stuff. You guys rock

Thanks again

Heres hoping I can get this working befor I go bald lol

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