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Peer IP is gateway/router - NAT problem?


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Here's an odd one. So I use utorrent's scheduler to knock down the down/up speeds at certain times of the day, and I found it odd during one of those times that the speed for utorrent didn't slow to the proscribed speeds. After playing around a bit and turning off local peer transfers, the scheduling works properly. I discovered later, to my surprise, that most of my torrents (but not all) had peers listed as my gateway/router address (let's say for this example However, other peers that are connected don't have this issue, as they show up with their own external IPs.

I use a Linux box as a router configured to do NAT for a single DSL connection. Could it be that NAT is misconfigured? Even if it is, what sense do you make regarding some torrents having this problem yet not others, or only one connection per torrent that does use the gateway IP? Could it be something about the peers on the other end that's causing this, say DHT or lack of open ports on their end?

This is important because IP filtering and blacklisting becomes irrelevant when the connections are masquerading behind our own gateway.


EDIT: Bah, what a silly thing. Turns out masquerading has to be a bit more discerning as to which port and which address range to masquerade. I'm still confused as to how other connections were getting in as unmasqueraded, but whatever :) Thanks for your time anyway.

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