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Torrent resets to lower percentage, windows won't delete file


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I'm downloading a file, and after it got stuck at %99.9, i closed out of the program and restarted it (I find that sometimes this helps)

I was amazed to find, however that the file had reverted back to %76.6, and after it got stuck at %99.9 again, and reverted to %76.6 after the second restart, i decided to delete the file and start the torrent over again.

So i closed out of uTorrent, and went to delete the file from my desktop, only to have vista say to me that the file was in use by another program. I made sure that uTorrent was actually closed, and not just minimized to the taskbar as is the default for clicking on the red 'x' (whose stupid idea was that, anyway? The default should be red 'x' = 'stop running the program' : you know, the way it is for every other windows program. took me forever to find the damn option to change it)

anyway, after seeing that uTorrent was closed and vista still didn't want to delete the file, i reset the computer.

Immediately, as soon as the computer turned on, i told it to delete the file, and it again refused, saying that the file was in use by another program. and this was before I even turned uTorrent on.

Please help.

and yes, it is a file that I should be able to get %100 of the parts to. there are over three thousand seeds in the swarm with %100 availability.

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I see that three instances of the file are being used by a program called 'dllhost.exe'

can someone with a better understanding of windows vista tell me if shutting that down is a bad idea or not?

I'm a bit reluctant to mess with something I understand rather poorly.

Thank you for the great tool, by the way.

[edit] nevermind, i just discovered that it's possible to end a program's use of a file from within the program. After ending the instances of the file within dllhost.exe, i was able to delete the file easily.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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