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Works on one system but not another?


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Ok, I've had this problem for ages, but only just finally decided to try and get help for it.

I have a router(D-Link DI-524) and VirginMedia(formerly NTL line) ISP wise, and like 4 computers in the house connecting through the router, 2 of which I actually use.

One is a computer someone built for us, running Windows XP Pro(which we later found to be a dodgy copy we can't update, with no way to rectify this bar shelling out money, so it's basically still SP1). The second is an Acer Laptop, running Vista(Turion MK-36, 2.0GHz).

The XP system is running Virgin's own firewall/AV package, the Vista system is running ZoneAlarm Free and avast! AV. I have set up static IPs for both systems, and port forwards for uTorrent.

Now here comes my problem-The XP system? That seems to work fine, no problems, no connection issues, green light all the time, good enough speeds for me(though maybe not at my max, considering I'm supposed to be on a 20Mb connection).

The Vista system? Does not work fine. It works stil, but sluggishly compared to the XP system, all settings in both are the same afaik, and version, but the Vista system constantly used to have a yellow light for No Incoming Connections. I've allowed uTorrent access and the ability to act as a server in ZA. Still, yellow light. I've tried the port test thing, it used to come up red, but then yesterday I looked through ZA's logs(I'd freshly installed it) because it was popping up things it had blocked. So I looked, so it was blocking the IP that the port test page says to allow, and I stuck it in the trusted zone. Now, the port test page comes up with connection OK, but that isn't the case.

uTorrent STILL has a yellow light, and checking the ZA logs further, it seems to be batting away incoming connections on my specified port for this Vista system, despite the fact I've given uTorrent full access. Basically, why on earth is this happening?? Is it just ZA Free being a sucky firewall for uTorrent? Is it Vista? I've even dared to try closing ZA in the past, AND putting this Vista system in the DMZ, but even then, the port test page'd often show red, which I found peculiar. I'm 99.7% sure the port forward is set up fine, so I'm ruling that out.

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Well, that did solve it, uTorrent now green lights, thanks! I found it strange that exiting ZA didn't make it greenlight beforehand, but meh, silly firewall. Question is now, do I find a new firewall or let Windows Firewall handle everything. Thanks for the help Firon.

Time to go read the threads about tuning up my settings for optimum speed! For a 20Mb connection, I should be getting much better speeds, though I think VM might be limiting torrent traffic on their end.

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