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reactivating downloads after reinstallation of utorrent


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I checked other troubleshooting tips but this is not included in any I looked..

I share a comp with a friend. I have backed up all completed downloads and downloads in process. My friend had a new hard drive installed, which required (for reasons I dont know, and he´s not very bright) reformatting everything. I had to reinstall utorrent.

I have reconfigured utorrent as before, with the downloads and complete folders directed. The completed files are fine as before. However, utorrent does not recognize the downloads in progress from before, no matter what I try to do (drag, copy, etc.). I´m a heavy user and had at least 250 in the process of downloading.

Will all of these be lost, or is there a simple way to simply reactivate them from the folder that physically has the download fragments?

Thanks so much.


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Thanks, let me see if this is clearer:

What I have is a folder in a separate hard drive full of file/folder (fragments) that were downloading when utorrent was erased (when the computer was reset). After I reinstalled utorrent, it does not recognize the previously downloading files/folders (so as to continue downloading them). That is, utorrent seems not to have the leads to reactivate those downloads.

The only way I have found to reactivate a download is to go back to BTJunkie and start downloading the file/folder again. Then it picks up where it was before.

There must be an easier way to select all those file/folder fragments and reactivate their downloads in utorrent in one movement (that is, for utorrent to recognize a bunch of files/folder fragments siting in the same location (downloads folder) where the new downloads are also being deposited).

Thanks so much for your help.

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If the paths are incorrect, you can edit the resume.dat file manually. An easy-to-use editor is Ultima's Bencoded File Editor, linked below. I'd recommend this method with so many torrents.

The TORRENT path is under [ROOT] as the title of the key. The DATA path is under "PATH" key for each torrent. These entries must be correctly pathed for your re-setup. If you had an old D:\OLD_DOWNLOADS and are now X:\NEW_DOWNLOADS for example, you can use the Find/Replace (Ctrl-H) dialog and make short work of it.

You must remove .FILEGUARD and perform this change with uT closed.

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