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For those kind enough to help a noob...


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D-link 604 router, been using Utorrent for a while now and untill 2 days ago the speeds were great and everything was fine. Then suddenly a torrent that should go alot faster has taken days now and in search for an answer I saw this from the logger:

Discovered new device:

ERROR 718 mapping port 11511 ->

And being new at this, I simply went to these forums and followed all kind of advice, updated my firmware on the 604, made sure settings were as they were recommended by you guys, but nothing helps.

Now, I'm not sure about my download actually being slow, it might just be the torrent in question but the errors in the logger bugs me greatly, anyone that can shed some light onto this? I have tried to find the solution myself but after going in circles for many hours, I find myself on my knees and asking for help.

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