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have to restart uTorrent for every new download


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Lately uTorrent hasn't wanted to start downloading the torrents I add to it automatically. If uTorrent is already running when I add a torrentfile, one out of two things happen.

either is says seeds: 0(0), peers o(0) or seeds0(x), peers 0(x) x= any number

and will not connect to anyone. When I exit uTorrent and restart it again it will start connecting and downloading. It quite annyong having to restart it all the time, this actually goes for seeding too, after x amount of time seeding, I have to restart for uTorrent to keep seeding.

I know you say that seeding probs wil not be answered here, but I thought it might be part of the problem. Seeding is very slow, and doesn't connect as I have specified it to. Only downloading (after restart) seems to work properly.

thanks for your help

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