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Transferring torrents + stats to utorrent from transmission on gusty


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Hi all,

I've recently downloaded transmission, and it's great, but decided i want to switch back to utorrent, my torrent client when i was on windows.

I'm running ubuntu 7.10 Gusty Gibbon, so how do I (or can i even) transfer torrents, stats and settings to utorrent. (E.G uploaded Xgb, Downloaded Ygb, ratios of torrents etc)

I only have 3 torrents, but 2 are seeding well and one is downloading. An as i'm on a private tracker so i'd like to keep them seeding. And also, is DHT used in utorrent? And if so, how can i turn it off?



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Uhm, export the data in the transmission files...somehow? You should create your own resume.dat for uT so you know the layout.

http://utorrent.com/migration_guide.php to move torrents... start by setting up your default save directory to save yourself trouble later. You'll just have to right click force recheck to get them started again when you do.

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