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Scheduler: shutdown/exit at specific time


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I'm not asking for a shut down/exit when a download finishes so I can leech.

I'm only asking for a way to schedule to shutdown/exit at a specific time because my ISP has download caps except from 1 to 8 in the in the morning and because of this I only download at night and scheduled my pc to shutdown after 8. Whenever I have the client open I share.

Is there any chance this could be done in a future release?

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what? Surely Windows' task scheduler would close down the app (in a friendly manner)?

I can actually do this with Azureus. I had a task run TriggerMenuItem, which "trigers" the exit of Azureus' file menu.




If I could figure out a way to do the same with µT, I'd be sorted...

Why does µT need to terminate itself?

Guess not..., but figuring out a way to get it done is what I'm trying to do here.

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No, but I mean, when Windows shuts down, it automatically closes the programs that are currently open. As long as the program is fairly bug-free, Windows should close it just the same as if you pressed the "red X".

That didn't work too well with Azureus, because every time it starts up from an improper exit it would recheck incomplete torrents...

How does uTorrent handle improper exits?

edit: Anyhow I just killed the uTorrent process and on startup it rechecks incomplete torrents like Azureus does from an improper exit.

Actually a Windows shutdown will not do this, I corrected myself below.

edit2: What I would appreciate is if anyone can help me figure out a way to get TriggerMenuItem to work with µTorrent:

This is the syntax of the command: TriggerMenuItem "WindowClass" "Window Title" "Path\To\Menu\Item"

To trigger the exit of Azureus' file menu I use this: TriggerMenuItem "SWT_Window0" "Azureus" "File\Exit"

I changed it to this for µTorrent: TriggerMenuItem "SWT_Window0" "µTorrent 1.3" "File\Exit"

And I get the following error:

Window with class "SWT_Window0" and title "╡Torrent 1.3" not found."

I'm guessing it doesn't recognize the "µ" character as a "╡". Any work around for this?

edit3: Actually let me take this back uTorrent somehow manages a proper exit from a windows shutdown, on the following uTorrent startup it didn't recheck incomplete downloads.

I thought killing the process via TaskManager would replicate this, but it apparently doesn't.

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I have an internet connectiong with a daily quota of 1 GB and since my request for embedding logic in uTorrent to be able to set a daily quota was bluntly shut down, I wrote myself a little .Net program that does just that.

Feel free to give it a try and let me know if you find any problems or if you have any requests


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