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Moving downloaded files after assigning (new) group


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I have µTorrent save torrents in their respective group's folders, which works perfectly if you specify the group when adding the torrent. However, sometimes I forget to do so and I set the group afterwards (even if the torrent is already complete). In this case it would be nice if µTorrent relocated the already downloaded files to the folder specified for the current group.

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i like uTorrent but i have the same problem.

Why won't it be implemented? It's such an easy to implement but very useful function. I also need such an option. For example, i download stuff from a free tracker or just have a directory with many stuff in it also with many crap.

Then i have my private Tracker with Ratio, where i don't want to download stuff a second time when i have it already. Ok for this reason there is a check, if the files already exist so i have to choose the big incoming folder to be a able to check for dupes. Now i have everything in one folder and have to leave it there to seed it.

But now i want to grab just the files from the Private Tracker out in a clean directory, with stuff only from the private Tracker. With the append label it doesn't work or not everytime. I've tested it several times. It seems that he just moves Files, when the torrent is something about 99% and it has to be completed. When the Files exist at 100%, he won't move it. It could also be another circumstances, i still havent found out in which case exactly he will move it.

But all of this wouldn't be any problem if a little option sounding "Move to New Location" would exist. Why do i have manually pick File by File from every torrent and then also set the new download location for every torrent itself?

Or it could be done with the label function. When you move finished downloads in a new label, then the files also are moved on the disk. Actually they are just moved once in the labels folder when they get finished or whatever.


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English is not my native language, what means willy-nilly? I guess you mean it ridiculous...

I dont want it to be a file manager, i just dont understand why Firon so generally denies this function. Im not any leet coder but i can imagine, that this implementation really isn't so hard to code. Even when the Files stay on the same partition than moving them is no matter of time. The basic functionality is already implemented in uT to change a download location so why cant there be just an automatic loop/batch which takes so much work from me? Like someone said in another thread regarding this topic, programs are there to automate things and take work from the user. I appreciate Firons Work and understand that he won't have time for all wishes coming from the users, but in this case the cost-benefit ratio is very high imho (of course related to the benefit).

EDIT: I found out, how you can do it!! It's a little bit tricky but it works. And it's such a damn easy thing, i really dont know why Firon won't implement it.

Here we go: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=39977

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Such a feature won't be implemented.

Implement it, please! When anyone begins work win uT, he rarely think about problem of too many files and catalogues, but one day he understand that ordering of his bunch is needed. Another reason is - moving files to the large drive. So the operation of simple moving is very claimed! No one moves files in explorer in the manner of manually editing FAT - like you recommend to edit resume.dat and other files.

Improve it, please!

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