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Newbee ? - Seeding and uploads.


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I'm new to uTorrent, as a friend suggested it for retrieving some radio show bits.

I'm either overlooking the answer in the FAQ or don't have a clear grasp on how the program works. I need some help in understanding how it all works.

I installed the software on my machine, and picked up a link to download some files. After several hours I had my MP3 files, and according to the byte sizes they all appear complete. In the lower part of the program it indicated that I downloaded 6.11mb of files and they were complete. But running in the bottom right was an upload counter, and 1gb had been transferred by morning.

A coworker immediately snatched the CAT-5 cable out of the machine and stated that it was uploading all my personal data to someone, and this was a security breech. Here is my questions.

1 - What was it uploading? Is there a way to tell, a log or something?

2 - What directories (under Win2000) does the program have access to? Can I specify one for sharing, or does it have user access?

3 - I don't mind sharing the files in the directory where I'm downloading to, but does the program have access to my whole C: and in specific my C:\Documents and Settings\vo\My Documents?

Again, I'm new at this, so please be kind. :)

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I'm wondering if it would have some value in distributing content for a program like an open source content player.

Although many people already have the music on their machines, the big problem has been how to distribute small audio files with an announcer, or even the .ply files that tell the remote machines what to play.

As I indicated, I'm new to this. I have a lot of learning to do!

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I myself am new to uTorrent but, through all the info I have read uTorrent only access files that are currently being downloaded or seeded (seeding is a completed torrent that you leave running after you finished downloading to share with others) it does not access your C: drive or any internal files, thats why my computer wizz brother-in-law says it is safe. But like you in 4 days I had 4G downloaded from me (peers/leaches where uploading what I was downloading). What I did was reduced my upload rate (just right click on the little U on the bottom task bar) I set mine to 5kb/s this did inturn reduce my upload rate but worth it ;)

Just an update on my previous message I just found out (through the forums) that if you set your upload rate to a minimum of 6kb/s it does not reduce your download rate YIPPEE worked great for me im chugging along at 122kb/s now :)

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It is important to not run too many torrents at once, seeding OR downloading.

This is to be fair to others...because trying to upload at <0.5 KiloBYTES/sec to each peer is bad behavior. Better to be uploading to fewer people at faster speeds -- it increases the amount they give back, sometimes by magnitudes.

So if your total upload speed is 10 KiloBYTES/sec, then even running more than 2 torrents at once is essentially unfair if your upload slots are set to 3 or more.

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A little off the subject at hand, but when creating a Torrent, in the Torrent Properties there is a box for "Trackers".

Am I to assume that these are key words that would be used if someone was looking for something?

If so, what is the format? If I'm seeding something like a Beatles recording would the data be in a format like this....

Hard Days Night Beatles Single Capital Records 45

or do you separate the items by commas, such as.....

Hard, Days, Night, Beatles, Single, Capital, Records, 45

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