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WebUI Dark Skin - MultiLanguage Interface


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I have started a thread here at the following thread for a new Dark Skin for the WebUI ...

Following the thread as it develops should shed some light on the development of WebUI skins. A tutorial may follow but due to the nature and detail of the skinning process this may be delayed. Further development of this particular skin has been halted. The latest method allows for the WebUI skin to be easily applied to both Multi-Language, and Normal webui.zip files. The method also allows for multiple skins within the same file.



( Multi-Language UI shown above )

Details and more screenshots are available at the originating thread..( saving space )

These two files ( Normal WebUI Dark Skin and ML WebUI Dark Skin ) may be used as templates, and may be modded.


If you have applied the Dark Skin before this post modification date, please re-download the most recent version of the WebUI package for your needs and apply the skin exactly as instructed in the man thread. Thanks.

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