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Auto-rename in torrent files


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I previously requested the renaming files in torrent feature. It was developed as the Reallocate command. That was AMAZING.

Now I request a renaming automator. Maybe there is some way to change the .torrent file without messing with the tracker validation (what seems a little bit impossible to me), but why not doing this in the torrent client level?

I'd love to CRC all files in some folder and then, when I tell utorrent to download files to that folder, it automatically checks the CRC result file and automatically renames all files accordingly.

Is that possible?

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How can relocate be improved? It performs the same function as right click, advanced, set download location... but on a file-granular level for multi-file torrents.

If you want to relocate multiple files you need to select them simultaneously... this is the same functionality as is in the set download location function.

I remember seeing something called "Renamer" which used some script to look up tv show episode names but after 5 failed google searches I lost interest.

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