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Not a Speed Problem... more of an Issue.


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I've done everything that the 2 billion guides, tips and tricks tell you to do out there. I've patched TCPIP.sys to 75, changed the settings(net.max_open * bt.connect_speed) in uTorrent to 50. My ports are forwarded and test Ok, I've set the connections according to the speed guide, but have also tried all the other combinations that lame pin heads suggest (like: 2329 per torrent, 1890 global... d.bag.) And to boot, I've also got my ratio caught up to almost 1.000.

When I do speed tests I get almost exactly 512 (if nothing is running online).

I guess my question is what SHOULD I be expecting from a healthy, well seeded torrent?

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Connections per torrent should NEVER be more than global max connections.

Global max connections also should never be set higher than about 1/4 your max upload speed (in kilobits/sec). Otherwise you're just effectively leeching from the additional connections (beyond the max I recommend) with NO HOPE of reciprocating back with more than a tiny fraction of them. It costs additional bandwidth to maintain those connections, they're not terribly likely to give you any download speed...unless they're seeds and have bandwidth-to-burn. Your upload speeds are dropped considerably by having too many connections, and others on the torrents suffer as a result.

Even if all you do is hit-and-runs (stop torrents the moment they finish downloading), you're still better off with max connections set to something reasonable. There's numerous networking bottlenecks with your computer, LAN, router, modem, software, etc...that you'll likely hit (possibly in a bad, crashing way) before you reach a connection max of 2000 ips at once.

Many home networking setups cannot run without problems if they are trying to maintain more than 100 connections at once! (Wireless, USB, D-Link or Belkin routers, Zone Alarm are all notoriously bad!)

Even 30 good connections per torrent is more than enough for anything short of 10 megabits/sec download connection...and even on it, you could just run more torrents to get download speeds up. :P

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