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Help...Problem with Wireless Connection (Home Computer to Laptop)!!!!!


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I am in need of help as I have tried to find a similar topic regarding the problem I'm having. I'll explain my system and what I have already done to date.

Currently, I have a home computer (which my wife uses) running on Windows XP, cable internet connection, a DLink router (DI-624). On this computer, I have set up a static IP address which is outside the DHCP range ( to found on the router. In the setup guide, it asked me to drop the ending DHCP range from .199 to .198 and then I set the static IP Address to On the internet connection, I updated the Internet Protocol TCP/IP to my static IP address keeping the subnet and default gateway the same. I also set up my virtual server with the name Utor1 and entered in my static IP and keep the private port and public the same (port no. 58888). I have properly set up utorrent as well since I get a green check mark and have testing the download speed and the port number is open.

My main problem is............what do I do with my laptop that allows me to use utorrent in the same manner. When I have utorrent opened on my computer I get the green checkmark. Ironically enough, I have the same port number opened on my laptop but I still have a red icon stating not connectable. When I log off my home computer then check the port 58888 on my laptop it states that port is unable to open. Can someone please explain to me what I have done wrong and what I need to fix it?

I believe I have also set up a static IP address for my laptop.

1. Does the IP address also need to be outside of the DHCP range found on the router?

2. Do I even need to set up a static IP address for my laptop?

3. I read in one of the forums that I should cancel the static IP address and just let the router do its work and simplify everything.

4. Please explain the steps I need to fix this problem as I have been trying for about 3 weeks reading in the forums to find out this problem.

I really appreciate any help provided. Thank you and take care.

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Do I have to do the same set up for a static IP address for my laptop as well as assign a new port? I did try applying a new port but I always got the error message. However, I didn't do the exact set up as I did for the main computer. Afer I complete this, do I have to keep trying different port numbers until I find one that is open. I assume I need to do the same, assign a different port and hopefully it'll work.

Also, what do I have to do with the firewall on my laptop. I currently have it set up in the Exceptions section where I added a port with the same number as the port on my main computer. I know I'll have to change that first.

Also, in the Advance Section in Settings of the Windows Firewall I added a port Utor1. The port number will need to be changed to one that I'll have open but what do I put in the Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network. Does this refer to the static IP address I have set up on the main computer. Or have I done too much and should delete both of these in the exceptions and advance screens.

Thanks for everyone's help and comments.

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I did set up the portforwarding on my router (DI-624) when I saw the instructions. I set up a port number 58888 and it works on my main computer but I get a RED not connectible symbol on my utorrent when I open it up on my laptop.

Do I have to set up the router's wireless section to accept another static IP address and new port number? This way my laptop will recognize this. Or should I set up another Utor2 with a new port and assign this on my laptop. Just thought of that now.

Any thoughts? Thank you

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I'm having the same problem, I have utorrent set up on my desktop and I've set it up plenty of times, but for whatever reason I cannot set it up on my laptop. I have set up a static IP and opened a port yet when I check it says it is not open. I can't seem to figure it out.

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