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uTorrent's Default File Structure


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I have about 200 torrents in the default folder (%appsdata%/uTorrent), that were downloaded from various places. I created a dozen or so new ones, and saved them in a separate folder in %MyDocs% - easier to get to, and easier to hunt through when uploading. However I noticed that when I did this uTorrent put a copy in the default folder anyway - sort of defeating my attempt to keep those I own from those that I downloaded.

I had initially wanted to sort these into three or four folders for a more sane way of keeping track of them - note, I am talking about just the torrent files, not the data files. Can I actually do this if the folders are nested?

I am going through the torrents and deleting ones that no longer have the data files unchanged and it would sure be nice if I could organize them better.

For example what if I downloaded a bunch of them, saved them to a folder, and then at a later time opened them - uTorrent would then copy them to the default folder - can I then delete the downloaded one that was on my desktop?

Hope question is understandable!

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