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uTorrent and BSODs Version Test


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Hello, I have been receiving BSODs while running uTorrent. I am fairly knowledgeable with computers and have been working with them for many years. Yes, I have Zonealarm. Yes, I will leave it on while testing, as well as all the other defaults because that is what most people will do when they run it. What I'm going to do is this...

Run various tests on Versions to see when the BSODs started occurring, I know that it did not occur 4-5 versions from the latest beta (ie: the problem is recent)

I will be using the versions on Filehippo.com...

If system doesn't crash for 8+ hours then it is considered stable. Running 1-2 downloading torrents, and 4-6 seeding torrents.

Here is my first result:

uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9363 = Crashed


Pre-allocate = off

.!ut = on (any indexing programs or cache programs don't use .!ut)

Then after doing 4-5 tests, depending on results, I will run the failed versions in a Virtual Newly Installed Windows XP (nothing installed except what is included upon install, no windows updates, nothing!) and post the results of that.

Currently Testing....

uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9578

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i have been having bsod as well with 1.7.7 and also with upgrading to 1.8 build 9599 still getting them.

been using utorrent for years and never ever ever have any problems with it, that why i use it because it works and is functional.

it seems to happen when i open more than two torrent requests after about 15 minutes is bsods then i have to reset.

very strange any fix yet? thanks

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uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9578 (compressed) Crashed within minutes!


uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9137 (compressed) (note: downloads finished in 3 hours) Stable: 12 hours (5 active torrents total)

Note: receiving the following error messages with all 1.8 betas...

[18:54:39] Unable to save the resume file. Another program might have the file open, or the disk is full.

[18:54:45] Resume file successfully saved.

As you can see, they are only a few seconds apart. Is this a uTorrent error? I don't have any cache programs that will cache or use that file, except maybe anti-virus, but I seem to get the same two errors every 2 minutes??

Next test (overnight):

uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9272 (compressed)

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I will start testing on the 9599 build tonight, I'm sorry but I didn't notice the new version.

For anyone who cares:

I am running uTorrent with...

ZoneAlarm Internet Suite 7.0.470

PDF Creator



DynDNS updater


Also, there are sharing problems with Google Desktop, if you are using Google Desktop, please exit the application completely as pausing doesn't seem to work. Also, disallowing the download directory doesn't work either. :(

Corrected Next Test:

uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9599 (compressed)

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By GDS I not sure I understand what that stands for, sorry (Google Desktop Search?? here is the version... 5.7.0802.22438)

Also, with 9599 I will test compressed, then if it crashes then I will try uncompressed.

Also, if anyone wants, I can post the BSODs which always are... PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, but if you want the details, I can post?

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Sorry about double-post...

I have the same completed and download directory, it is disallowed in Google Desktop, and yet I still get sharing options in uTorrent.

"Your GDS report doesn't seem to jive with previous ones..." What do you mean, previous ones??

Reply: There is no referenced file, sorry. On next, I can post a dump?

Also, I am running XP SP3 (newest release :D)

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SP3 went RTM?!? sweet.

As far as GDS... yeah others have said that excepting the download folder allows it to work. Checking to see if you're running an old version may mean Google updated it for that exact problem.

As in the Beta thread upload to mediafire.com, if you have multiple dumps, which verify certain corruption problems....compressing them saves up to 60% space.

You know one thing that hasn't come up.. How are you connecting to the internet, and how are you getting your connection?? USB and wifi drivers can actually be bad><

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Linksys Draft 2.0 N (270 mbps)

WMP300N (Newest Unreleased Drivers) (they are beta, as I am part of their beta team, but I assure you, these are not the problems!)

Also, seeing as uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9137 is still running... 13+ hours... can prove, at least a little, that it is not the drivers/software and that it is something in utorrent.

Also, SP3 is scheduled for release April 21st :D

Also, I have my own hosting site, if anyone cares where I host it, much easier and will post links, if I get anymore BSODs (crossing fingers).

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I know there are uTorrent dumps, however I don't know where to find them.

Also, as I have purposely not mentioned, I am 15 years of age. But don't let that think any less highly of me. I have designed many C programs and I currently maintain and program 6 websites, all of which, have/had (I have recently changed hosts) 3+ PR ratings.

Also, uTorrent 1.8 BETA 9599 seems to be working fine so far, its at around 10 minutes :D (that may not seem like a lot, but I currently have 20 half-opens and 250 overall connections, which is more than any other tested beta, and seeing as the 9578 build crashed within 5 minutes, it looks like some positive improvement.

But, watch I just cursed it...

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I know, I get that but you said...

"yea those would be the .DMP files in the settings.dat folder either start->run->%APPDATA%\uTorrent or where you run utorrent.exe from."

I only have a MEMORY.DMP (which I think is what you are talking about...) in %SYSTEMROOT%, which is .99gbs, as I do a full memory dump.

Status: ~25 minutes, still working fine...

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As far as I can tell, my Ut doesnt make any dumps?? Is there an advanced configuration option? Also, I will switch to mini, however I have been against that because sometimes it will miss whats important.

I have a lot of processes running, (1gb ram, in need of 2gb), and uTorrent only accounts for 4.8% of the ram usage?

If this test (build 9599 at 8+ hours = stable) fails, I will run in a virtual PC, which is a installed XP SP2 (no updates), that I use for making portable software. Every boot it wipes changes to it (to keep in perfectly new condition).

Also, I doubt I can compress (7z mabye) that 1gb file to much below 500mb, unless I want to use 865mb RAM for compressing...

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well, I would except its a spontanious BSOD and so I have no way of knowing that it's coming...

I understand that it cannot be uTorrent itself but its when I run uTorrent is when I get the error, thus its related directly to uTorrent, even if its not uTorrent thats "barfing"

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