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Port Forwarding not working


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Ive followed the guidlines according to portforwarding.com and my router shows that the port has been enabled for utorrent. However i still get the yellow warning triangle and the speedtest says the port isnt forwarded.

Dont think its a firewall issue (have BD total) and ive fixed it for the torrent client.

Could my utorrent configuration settings be the problem.

Any ideas would be a great help, ive been at this for a couple of days now, trying different things with no luck.


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Your ISP may have you firewalled, either as a part of general ISP policy or due to their networking method...which may force you to share a single real internet ip with 1 or more other customers.

Or you may have hidden firewalls on your computer...antivirus software or even viruses/trojans/spyware.

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