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Embedded tracker "working" but not completing connections?


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I not able to get uTorrent's embedded tracker up and working publicly. I have created a torrent and sent that file to a friend to download. uTorrent sees that he's trying to connect, but somehow the connection never gets farther than that. The torrent shows no seeds and no peers.

- The tracker is enabled in advanced settings.

- The tracker's status is showing as "working".

- I am double-NATted, but am relatively well versed in port forwarding, and port

checkers show that everything is working fine. I have no problems using uTorrent to

download or upload at line capacity. Everything's green.

- uTorrent's log shows "Incoming connection from <my friend's IP address>".

- In TCPView I can catch the blasted connection sitting there with status TIME_WAIT

under [system Process]:0.

- The torrent lists the tracker as http://my public IP:port/announce".

- 0(0) Seeds, 0(0) Peers

- I've tried both with and without "IP/Hostname to report to tracker" as my public IP,

with no difference.

- There is only one nic on this computer.

Why would it be the case that uTorrent shows an incoming connection from that IP in the log, yet never accepts the IP as a peer?

The torrent is at http://brodwall.com/sarah/test.torrent if that'll help with troubleshooting.

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I wasn't aware the tracker was affected by the WebUI settings...

So in the Logger tab with current settings you see connections... can you turn on Verbose and Error logging to see if anything else shows up regarding his IP?

Can you try stopping the torrent again, then clear peer cache, and unban peers. Alternatively, with the torrent started and you know what port the guy is trying to connect to you from and from what IP, if you right click in Peers tab, add peer, and enter that information does it connect?

Also after this does uT show any "disconnect" messages?? Is your friend possibly using filtering software which has your IP on a blocklist?

Edit: I don't know. I popped onto it... You don't appear to be initial seeding. Additionally no other IP is listed, however for some reason I'm getting a IP in the peer list :(

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