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tSpeed - Remote monitoring of µTorrent speeds for Windows


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Latest version: 1.4.2, released 2008-05-19

What it is

tSpeed displays the current total download and upload speed of µTorrent (or Azureus) running on a remote system. It does this by getting the data from the Web UI and displaying it in the title bar of the program. When tSpeed is minimized, it's almost like µTorrent is running on your local system with the "Show current speed in title bar" option enabled. There is also an Azureus-style floating download/upload bar option.

Why it is

I run my torrent software on a different PC to the one I mainly use. As the type of person that just has to know what's going on with my torrents all the time, I was often dedicating a browser tab to the Web UI for this purpose. As the most important information I like to check is the overall download and upload speed, this seemed like a waste of resources, especially as it required my browser to always be open. Hence, I created this program so I could monitor the speeds directly from the Windows taskbar.






For more details, screenshots and to download the current version, please see the tSpeed Website.

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