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Thank you so much for your help, but nothing works.

Yes, I have them sorted by the # column and I also tried to use Ctrl-Alt to move, but I could not. I cannot move them up /down either completed or not.

My problem seems a trifle comparing to the others posted here but I can assure you it is very bothering as I would like to leave the torrents more for uploading/seeding and I would like to separate the complete from incomplete torrents.

Thanks anyway


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You did not sort by the '#' column. Either it is sorted and you see the arrow, and this works... or it's not. Try CLICKING on the column headers again. Start with "Name" so you see it re-sort on the fly. You are aware, you can do that by enabling Category view (F7) and clicking either of those filters yes? Default I believe is still "ALL".

Nothing people post on the forums is a trifle... unless they don't read first ;)

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