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NAT error, systray icon and start with Windows


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Strange thing.

If I start uTorrent manually, everything is working:

- no NAT error

- good speed

- the icone in the systray is here

When I set it up to start with Windows (start uTorrent on system stratup) then I got problems:

- I got NAT error and keep getting it until I restart it.

- There is NO icone in the system tray and no way to switch to it, only possible to kill it in the process list.

- OR you can just kill the explorer process and start a new one, then the icone is back at it's place.

Seems it's starting to fast and doesn't get in the explorer list for the systray.

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yep, connected behind a router with port forwarding, no Windows firewall (but zone alarm).

Problem is not the NAT error. If I start Utorrent after windows manually, then no issue at all.

If I set it to start at windows startup, then I got the NAT error. I seems uTorrent is starting to fast before Windows finish his setup (and may be this is also why the icone is not in the systray).

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I'm having the exact same problem. Autostart equals missing tray icon and NAT error, but manual start is all good.

I'm running µ on a XP SP2 server, AVG Resident Shield, XP firewall and a few minor programs in tray. I had this problem with build 426, but just changed to 428. I'll report back if the update solves the problem..

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Just noticed I had a similar prob to this tonight, when, for the first time, I set utorrent to start at syst startup. After syst reboot, got the red light and "Unable to open windows firewall" "Unable to map UPnP..." Unlike others in this thread, I did have the syst tray icon though.

Starting manually everything is fine.

I normally refuse to have any 3rd party app autostart, but the other night, after leaving utorrent running, the power had gone out here due to a storm, and when I returned, there was of course no longer any download/upload activity(~sigh~so much time wasted). I tried setting PG2 and utorrent to autostart, but unfortunately, there seems to be a problem.

Anything I can do? I've realized how handy autostart can be for utorrent.

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