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utorrent plays "drum" beat when finishing a download


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  • 3 weeks later...

I went through the control panel and checked every .wav file for every sound for every action and still none were the "drum" beat for me to change. THIS IS DRIVING ME MAD! Please someone help, because what was replied is not the answer in this case. Thanks.

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I have checked again and again. And I don't appreciate your smart ass reply hermanm. I AM NOT HERE ASKING HOW TO TURN OFF THE SOUND ALL TOGETHER ON MY RIG. I just want the drum beat to stop when a download completes. It is not set as a default .wav file for any action umder the control panel under sounds, nor is it even an option to choose in the file where all the .wav files are stored for these settings. This all started after doing the instruction for enabling web UI from a thread on this site. I went to %AppData%\uTorrent and erased the old and new settings.bat and still no luck. Here's what it said in the read me file:



Last updated: 19/02/07



* The WebUI.zip needs to placed in the same folder as µTorrent's SETTINGS.DAT file and DO NOT unzip it.

* If you have not moved the settings files then they will be found at %AppData%\uTorrent (type this in Start -> Run, or the address bar)

* You can do whatever u like with this readme (please read it first though) and the sorttable folder.

N.B: Please make sure you are using the latest build of µTorrent (currently 1.6.1. build 490) that comes with this webui download, and not the µTorrent build that comes with the installer package.



* Enable and configure the WebUI in µTorrent (Preferences -> Advanced -> WebUI)

* Open up a supported browser and use the following URL format

* http://YourIP:UTport/gui/

* If the browser supports Username:Password (and you have got the WebUI working with the first URL) then use the following URL format

* http://Username:Password@YourIP:UTport/gui/

N.B: When using the WebUI locally use localhost or as using your external (WAN) IP may cause problems.



* Opera might display the tables (torrents and files) incorrectly.

* Trackers cannot be changed at the present time.

* Not all information is known in the general tab yet.

* Choosing save location for torrents is currently not possible.



* There are two things to try if your browser freezes on loading before asking for help.

* First try pressing CTRL+F5 in your browser. This will either revive the WebUI, or you will see a blank (white) screen. If you only see a blank (white) screen then close and reopen the browser then load WebUI again.

* If that doesn't work then use the following URL http://YourIP:UTport/gui/?action=setsetting&s=webui.cookie&v={} and then reload the WebUI using the normal URL.

* If that doesn't work then please come to http://forum.utorrent.com/ or irc://irc.utorrent.com/utorrent-webui to ask for help.



* Any bugs should be reported at http://bugs.utorrent.com and feature requests can be made at http://forum.utorrent.com/

* Some browsers will have reduced functionality, for best results use FireFox, Opera 9, or IE 7.

* [Opera] Some keyboard shortcuts will have conflicts

* [Opera] To disable Opera's context menu please have a look here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=207866#p207866



* Safari, IE6 (maybe), Konqueror, etc. compatibility

* Bug fixes

* New features

* Multilingual support



* Ctrl + A: Select all rows (select a row in the list first)

* Ctrl + O: Show the form for adding a torrent

* Ctrl + P: Show the settings window

* Ctrl + Z: Deselect All

* Del: Remove torrent

* F2: Show the about window

* F4: Hide/show the toolbar

* F6: Hide/show the details pane

* F7: Hide/show the category list



* Open µTorrent and go to the WebUI settings (Preferences -> Advanced -> Web UI)

* Enable the "Alternative listening port" and change it to any port that you want (this port should not be forwarded in your firewall and/or router)

* In the "Restrict access to the following IPs" enter "" (without quotes). This is basically to prevent anybody from accessing the WebUI over HTTP

* Now you'll have to install Stunnel. You can get the latest version from their website (http://www.stunnel.org/download/binaries.html)

* After installing Stunnel, open up the stunnel.conf file

* Under the "; Service-level configuration" comment you can remove all settings except from the "[https]" setting

* Uncomment the "[https]" setting by removing the semi-colons in front of each line. You may change "https" to "webui" if you'd like

* The "accept" setting is the port which a browser will try to connect to. So, this is the port that you will have to forward in your firewall and/or router (443 is the default SSL port, but it can changed)

* The "connect" setting should be changed to the port that you entered as the alternative listening port in µTorrent

* Start Stunnel, open up your browser, and navigate to https://ip:[stunnel accept port]/gui/

N.B: Changing the alternative listening port while using the WebUI is obviously not going to work to your advantage



Developer: Carsten Niebuhr (Directrix)









Beta testers (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=8379)

Toolbar icons by:


The source includes code by the following developers:

Emil A Eklund - Column List Widget 1.03


Erik Arvidsson - Sortable Table 1.12


Aaron Boodman - DOM-Drag


Dean Edwards & Tino Zijdel - Event handling


Chris Nott - Browser Detect 2.1.6

([down] http://www.dithered.com/javascript/browser_detect/index.html)

Rafael Lima - CSS Browser Selector 0.1.7




* 04/10/06 - v0.310b2

* Feature: guest account page

* Feature: implemented workaround for Firefox's caret bug

* Feature: pause now toggles

* Feature: added extra remove options

* Feature/Fix: keyboard shortcuts

* Fix: shift+click selection when not in ALL category

* Fix: bugs caused by firefox caret bug workaround

* Fix: properly shift select torrents

* Fix: saving of file list's columns' widths

* Fix: column moving to second last position

* Fix: label dialog crash bug

* Fix: last column minimum width bug

* Fix: alternate row colour bug

* Fix: torrent list context menu behaviour bugs

* Fix: status text/icon problems

* Fix: files list context menu appearance

* Fix: IE column resizing

* Change: Show selected torrent's label in the 'New Label' dialog

* Change: update GUI rate is now a textbox

* 17/09/06 - v0.300b1

I went to %AppData%\uTorrent and erased the old and new settings.bat and still no luck.

Any other suggestions?

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> And I don't appreciate your smart ass reply hermanm.

That wasn't my intention. If you were offended, I'm sorry.

My point is that there are very few places in Windows where you can turn on and off sound and sound effects. If I link I sent you does indeed turn off the sound, that would suggest it is a sound effect. Turning sound scheme completely would provide a definitive answer. Doesn't matter to me either way - I don't really care.

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I use it in place of Windows Explorer. It's probably hard to tell because I erased the folder name, but it has tabbed folder browsing. While still in its infancy, it doesn't work too bad. Plugins are planned, and unlike UltraExplorer it doesn't have issues with hidden folders. Bigger thumbnails too! And some other stuff I don't care about too much.


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I've tried that before (last year), I think I abandoned it because I was going for something simple, tabbed, could handle hidden folders, and had bigger thumbnails. Handling hidden folders was a must at the time. I don't really need dual panes but, to each his or her own :P.

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Ok folks...I figured it out. It had nothing to do with the setting in the Windows Control Panel. It was a setting that was applied with the addition to the utorrent "gadget" added to my sidebar in vista. Ugh...what a pain that was. Thank you ALL for your help...even your hermanm =)

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