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Disk overloaded message


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Hi there, i´m also having Disk Overload 100% problem.

But, i´ve read the faq and some topics about it. My problem is related to a large file (im donwloading 2 dvd9 isos of 7gb each from a 50gb torrent).

I have about 4 small downloads apart from that big one.

I´ve done the FAQ suggestion:

- disabled:

- write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes,

- write out finished pieces immediatly

- remove old blocks from the cache

- reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed

- disable widonws cachig of disk write/read


enable, everything else (increase auto cache size, cache of disk write.)

I have a good system, (core2duo) with a single 320gb sata2 16mb of buffer hd.

it has 3 separates partitions, and the one im downloading the torrent is not the system partition and is fully SPACE defragmentend.

even with only the utorrent running, the problems keep coming back:

I started the torrent for the first time. Downloaded 4gb. And the the problems first happened. The overload msg kept there. I stoped the download, resumed it. It checked the file everytime. Downloaded a little, and then bang, again overload. Then i stopped the download. closed the utorrent, oppnened it again and resumed. After the recheck, it rolled back to 4gb. It got stuck at 4gb. Even tough it downloaded for about (5-20 minutes)? in some point it overloaded and the rollback occured.

note that even if i stoped the download BEFORE the overload happens, it still recheked after i resume and the ROLLBACK occured in anyway.

Note that the rollback occured also in ALL the smalls downloads too if the large one was activated.

However when the small downloads are alone, they go on with no problem.

THEN i went on the web looking for help, and found the cache configuration recommendations. And i applied as described abou

now the torrent runs for a while, if i stop and resume it, it doesnt recheck and the downloaded data in the meanwhile does´t rollback.

However, before i tought i finally had solved it, Bang, another overload occured a little time more then before and another rollback -_- (this time at 4,20gb)

I wonder if this is utorrent bug, the Torrent, or some hidden program of my pc using my hd a lot (don´t think so.)

If u guys don´t know any solution ill try running some utility to measure my HD writeability but i hardly think is that.

Im really getting annoyed about this.

Thanx by the attention.

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It is relatively unavoidable for a single hard drive and that many active torrents to show disk overloaded.... Try re-enabling "remove old blocks". It's good you're not writing to the system partition, but it doesn't make much difference since you still only have ONE hard drive.

I don't know what rollback you're referring to, but I can imagine it was the reversion in % from lost pieces due to the recheck. Recheck LOSES all partially downloaded pieces (in the Pieces tab).

Are you experiencing high CPU usage %?

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