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utorrent still will not run on a USB flash stick !!


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... unrelated problems, however. You will 1) get limited use of that flash drive if you do as hermanm says... don't use it to actually download the data 2) 1.7 has limited "local" capacity. If the flashdrive is different letters for different computers it's not very "portable". uT 1.8 currently in beta increases this capability.

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Ok thanks I got it working , I just hope it remembers the partial torrent file download tommorrow ,when I click resume if utorrent has got it.

Just one other problem, I can not get it to upload , what do I need to do ?

its currently on 0.

I have put in options I do not want to upload any faster than 5kb/s, which makes sense

when this particular torrent can not download any faster thaqn 3kb/s, its off a private

tracker, and thats probably why ...

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