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[1.8 b9599] uPnP error


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Hi there,

The 1.8 beta version returns an error with the uPnP respons:

[12:09:06] UPnP: Received invalid query from UPnP device:

My Router: D-Link DIR-655, no firewalls running

Ports open normally on router, so no problem there. Does this give any drawback on performance?

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If that's the correct IP see if it responds to http://www.codeproject.com/KB/IP/PortForward.aspx

That's a program the developers suggest testing with to verify the router works with the either of the two modes of mapping... If it's not your router don't worry about it. UPnP does not affect speeds either way. It's a way to not have to setup your connection, say each time you switch networks.

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