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Error: Insufficient system resources


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Hey everyone,

I'm using HP pavilio ze4900 with Windows XP home (with SP2) and 736 RAM.

I have 4GB free space on my 60GB HD.

Right now I'm not downloading anything - only uploading. All of a sudden, the torrents (sometimes all, sometimes a few) gets this error message (Error: Insufficient system resources), and it seems like all my computer goes wrong. some weird things happens, for example, i don't see what I type on the messenger, and my computer graphics getting messed up. Then I restart my computer, force recheck for the torrents, but this problem keeps coming back.

I have Kaspersky internet security 7 and spybot search & destroy 1.52 and I searched my computer with both of them, but they didn't find anything.

I searched your forum and I saw that some people had some issues with their RAM, so how can I make sure what is the problem with my computer?


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