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Port Forwarding Help!!!


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I am new to this Utorrent thing and would appreciate some help in opening/forwarding a port. Utorrent won't recognize the port I open.

I have read the Setup Guide as well as the FAQ etc.. I am still having problems.

I am using a Zonet ZSR 1134WE Router. I have followed the instructions several times to set/forward a port. However, it DOES NOT seem to be opening a port. I get the ERROR! message when I test the port through Utorrents Speed Guide.

I do not get a GREEN symbol at the bottom of Utorrent it stays yellow. Its never been red (which I know is good).

Current download stats = 22/75 Seeds & 4/130 Peers. Not sure what this means exactly but I think it could be much better, especially the 4/130 Peers.

Avg d/l speed is approx 50 kB/s

Avg u/l speed is approx 3.5 kB/s

Connection type = xx/2mbit

Please help, I have been working at this for 1/2 a day now and am getting quite frustrated.



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What, if any, Internet security software are you using? What's your network setup (i.e. WebSTAR DPC2100 modem > Linksys WRT54G router > Computers)? When you port forwarded, did you give your computer a static IPA? Did you set that IPA as the destination in the port forward area of the router?

I didn't know Zonet made routers :/. FYI, lots of crap reviews for it on newegg.

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You seem to be on Rogers Cable in Canada.

They are incredibly hostile to file-sharing, BitTorrent in particular.

Your firewall problem MAY not be related to that though...and you might even still get ~20 KiloBYTES/second download speeds if you solve the firewall problem.

Your router is not the only thing that can cause firewalled conditions.

Your antivirus software (or viruses!) may too.

Or your modem...gotta check that it doesn't have a hidden firewall in it as well!

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Yea, its a cheap router.

Anyway, my ISP is Rogers and yes I am in Canada.

My Network Set up consists of 1 computer 1 router and 1 cable modem. The router does have wireless enabled however this computer is wired. I also have WEP encryption enabled.

I am using windows firewall which I have set in Ut for windows firewall to accept it.

I did notice on my Network connections that both of them are firewalled. I also noticed that my Zonet has a firewall enabled in the router software.

I did switch my system to have a static IP addy. I have disconnected the AV software to eliminate it from the equation.

I also play WOW, there is a tab that allows for Port Trigering. WOW seems to have a dedicated Trigger. Do I need to do the same for Ut?

I am able to add the port forward info and save it in my router software but it is not recognized by Ut. This leads me to believe I am not 1) doing it properly or 2) getting screwed by Rogers or 3) unable to locate/clarify the firewall that is holdin the man down!

Any thoughts?

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So it's not a private range, this points to either the router screwing up (not unheard of for other routers), or, more likely I believe, a software issue... or Rogers could be screwing around (Switeck seems to be the ISP mess up expert :D). At the bottom of this thread there are instructions for two log files, HJT and PE w/ DLL list logs.

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