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uTorrent crash recovery


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Hi guys, I'm using uTorrent v1.7.7, so far it has never caused me any problems until now

My PC hung while playing a movie (no idea why it hung), and my PC wasn't responding so I had to manually restart my PC.

When it restarted, I noticed my xfire login had reset (it used to log me in automatically) and I had to re-enter my details.

Then later, when I opened my uTorrent, when before I had over 100 torrents downloaded/downloading/seeding, it was all empty.

How can I recover my uTorrent files? The only reason I bother is because I had quite a few files downloading half-way, and now my uTorrent is empty.

Thanks for any help

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If you left uT open and didn't check the .dat files to see if you had a salvageable resume.dat, you will need to add them again. If you do have a larger resume.dat.old than resume.dat you are in luck. The most recent time I mention this is @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=319935#p319935 .

It also includes my tips on backups and a procedure for mass-adding torrents should you need to again.

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hello thanks for the reply

i went to &appdata&\utorrent and simply opened all the .torrent files

it worked on some but on 60% of them, its not recognizing it and utorrent is downloading the files again, how can I fix it?

btw some of my downloaded data is stored on my HDD, some on my external HDD

edit: ok, it appears that all the .torrent data that is stored on my external HDD is not properly opened how do i remedy this

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