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Utorrent crashes after ~15 hours


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Everything was fine until i upgraded from 1.6.1 to 1.7.7, i don't have the same problem with version 1.8b, except that it's can't find an open port whatsoever. Even when i forwarded nearly all my ports.

here's a conversation with a friend of mine who knows a little bit; sorry about the above posts, i was a little big vague.

THROBsy (9:40:28 PM): planrawsto

(9:40:45 PM): jaredpaik

THROBsy (9:40:49 PM): hai

THROBsy (9:40:50 PM): i ned halp

(9:41:00 PM): I don't know if I can halp

THROBsy (9:41:01 PM): 1.7.7 crashes after about 15 hours of runtime.

(9:41:14 PM): hmmm

(9:41:15 PM): what OS

THROBsy (9:41:19 PM): XP SP2

THROBsy (9:41:25 PM): Professional.

(9:41:50 PM): What is the error you get

THROBsy (9:42:02 PM): just comes up with a box, gives me 3 options.

(9:42:13 PM): Try the utorrent forums

(9:42:15 PM): they could definitely help

THROBsy (9:42:24 PM): restart utorrent, restart with lodging a dump log and exit

(9:42:47 PM): Oh. Well, tell the utorrent forums that

(9:42:50 PM): and see what they say

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Switeck means useful information, like the logs from http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 :) Sure seeing your conversation with a friend is nice, gives your OS but that's in the first lines of the HiJackThis log mentioned near the bottom of the troubleshooting thread.

Of special interest are firewall, security suite, and anti virus applications.

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