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Transfering from Bitcomet to utorrent


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Hi ppl,

The tracker i am with recently banned bitcomet as apparently people have developed hacking tools that report they have uploaded more than they have actually have. I was recommended utorrent from the website so i downloaded it and like it. However when i was will bitcomet i was downloaded a 12gb file and didnt no until recently that u can change clients and carry on with ur same percentage. So i was told to save the torrent, then open the torrent and direct the download path to the path from bitcomet (C:/programfiles/bitcomet/downloads/Linux_tutorials). Then utorrent starts to check the file. I had downloaded 60% of the file on bitcomet however when it came to checking the file utorrent said i had only downloaded 0.3%. In the files list it seemed that it was only checking the zip files. In bitcomet it would say that the zip file was 100% complete however on utorrent it was only 90% complete. Also utorrent wasnt checking any of the .avi files? Has anyone had the same sort of problem and found a fix because it will take me along time to redownload 8GB. At first i thought it was a setting in bitcomet that puts a .bc after the file but i removed that and still had the same problem. Any help will be appreciated. Merry Christmas every1

thanx NO.FX

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