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Proper Speed / Setup - Confused


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My Specs:

Utorrent 1.7.7 (build 8179)

Vista 64bit Ultimate SP1

Cable Modem (Optimum Online)

Cable Speed: 15 Mbps Download / 2 Mbps Upload (http://optimum.com/online/why/faster.jsp)

D-Link Router (wireless Intel 4965N mode)

Vista Windows Firewall *enabled*

Please explain how to get the most optimum speed setup. I have port forwarding enabled already and it shows green/ok on the test. I've tried some tutorials, but they seem outdated for my version/build.

These are my settings (removed port for security reasons)





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The "xx" in "xx/2mbit" does indeed refer to download speed...meaning the setup doesn't CARE what your download speed is, only your upload speed. Too much in the BitTorrent protocol is directly or indirectly tied to how fast you can (and ARE!) upload to others. So changing values wildly from Speed Guide settings tends to be less and less optimal rather than more.

Even per-torrent and global max connections, which I personally highly recommend reducing from Speed Guide values, probably do "better" for your download speeds at Speed Guide values *IF* you are on an ISP that doesn't hinder in any way *AND* every step of your networking hardware and software doesn't act as a bottleneck of some sort in terms of max connections. Many software firewalls do not handle lots of connections at once or lots of new connections at once nicely. Many routers (D-Link and especially Belkin ones) become progressively more crippled or fail outright somewhere between 60 and 1000 connections...typically before 200 connections.

Having said that, what's good for you isn't necessarily good for torrent swarms as a whole or BitTorrent in general. A peer that seeks to maximize its own download speed by connecting to 100+ peers and seeds on a big torrent often has neither the means (high upload speed) nor the desire (likely to hit-and-run) to give back anywhere near 1:1 ratio. That covers the bad for torrent swarms point-of-view well enough. Bad for BitTorrent in general example would be ISPs, college/university networks, and business internet connections where having 100's of connections at once bound to a single PC is often viewed as hostile behavior in general...even if it's "working as designed" BitTorrent traffic. Such traffic may not be a problem for the first-hop networking layer -- such as to the nearest router for simple ethernet setups. But in star-style network environments like cablemodem networks, where only 1 cablemodem can be uploading a packet at any given moment without a collision occurring, having LOTS of connections at once represents lots of outgoing/uploading packets per second even though most of the packets are small.

On ISPs with strict "fair use" rules, you might get great speeds for days to months, then get hit by throttling or short-term bans. Some of them even email/phonecall their customers that they perceive as "bandwidth hogs" and ask them to pipe down. :P

It helps to know your ISP's (fair-use, bandwidth quota) rules regarding that even for deciding what settings to put into uTorrent!

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