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Download slows when user is switched


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I'm on Vista right now, and I noticed something that didn't happen on XP. When I leave a torrent downloading, and the user is switched (but not logged out) the torrent slows down to a crawl/stop.

This even happens when you leave the computer sitting by itself, and the user is still logged in, because Vista goes into the User selection screen by itself almost like a screen saver. (Hope that makes sense.)

Is there some kind of option in Vista I'm supposed to disable to keep this from happening? Thanks.

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Does user switching involve dropping connections?

If so, there's the explanation right there. :P

Vista's "low power mode" where it goes back to the user login screen may either suspend network traffic or at least quit making new outgoing connections or receive new incoming ones. Without knowing whether Vista is acting as a "suspend" or shutdown mode while in its screensaver, I can't answer your question. Microsoft should be able to...but good luck finding THAT info on their websites. :(

You could probably prevent standby, screensaver, and power-saving features...which should prevent what you're seeing.

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